Rules of the road

Marsh Bus strives to provide the best service for all of its customers. Your safety is our #1 priority.

For your safety we ask that:

1) Remain seated 

2) Please do not kneel in the seat and remain facing forward

3) Follow the direction of the driver


Any damage caused by passengers will be charged to the person chartering the bus. For the health and safety of all our passengers a $400 dollar charge may be applied in the event of a biohazard cleanup. This charge is to pay for the hours and materials required to completely clean and sterilize the areas effected. Biohazard clean up includes but is not limited to vomit, urine, blood or any other bodily fluids.

Charter Orders

Pick up and drop off times will be specifically discussed and documented on the charter order. This ensures the movement of the group can be done in a legal operational time frame. The driver may not change the times documented without permission from Marsh Bus. In the event of a mechanical problem resulting in the inability to use the assigned bus, the decision to transport the group is the discretion of Marsh Bus. The company will be responsible for compensation up to the cost discussed on the charter order.


Payment is due the day of travel unless otherwise discussed. Payment may me made by cash, check, or credit card. If credit or debit cards are used, an additional fee of 3.5% of the total price may be added. This is to cover the fees banks charge for credit transactions. For checks that are rejected for insufficient funds, an additional charge of $100 may be added. A late fee may be charged if payment is not received the day of travel unless otherwise discussed. Payment that is overdue by 14-30 days may incur a $150 late fee. Payment 30+ days overdue will incur a $150 late fee plus an additional $50 per week financing fee.

Cancelled trips due to weather conditions

Marsh Bus reserves the right to cancel any charters which can not be operated safely. Adverse weather conditions including but not limited to, snow, ice, and flooding may prevent the safe operation of the bus. It will be the drivers discretion to decide when conditions become unsafe to operate. Marsh Bus will work with your group to reschedule if possible. If rescheduling is not possible, Marsh Bus will refund any payments made towards the charter order.